May I ask you something?
"What would you tell the next generation?"

This is Society's Quintessential Question!
And, shouldn't there already be such answers!

The legacy has begun!
We believe everyone should answer this question [to the point, that's where your help is needed!] . . . and, everyone, should have access to all previous responses to this question [makes sense, right?]. My goal in making this communication is to find assistance. My name is, Peter Lance Segall. I am an author compiling answers to the question, "What would you tell the next generation?"  This is for copyright in the form of a book and website called,
The Grandfather Chronicles(tm)
This is the information I would like you to know about. . . and, knowing you will like what you see, I have confidence you will be influenced to provide us with a bit of sage advice we will publish.  Future generations will bless you.
So, let me ask you, "What would you tell the next generation?"

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Send links to your page to friends and family and there will be links between pages. They too, will enjoy reading what you have said in,
The Grandfather Chronicles(tm) . Perhaps, like you, they will leave a 'nugget of wisdom' of benefit and use to our children and great great grandchildren.

You do have advice in the form of an essay/poem in you.  Don't think you don't. Share it with us.  The questions on this page will stimulate your imagination and you will quickly get your ideas down for all of us.  Beautiful original art will accompany your submission for visual enhancement, such as:

Original Art, used by permission:  "Washington Square" © James Fan

Which is a good place to sit and think about what you are going to say.
A note from the author.
Now is the best time to write an essay. Please  answer this question: 
"What would you tell the next generation?" 

Soon, you will be a published author! 


Peter Lance Segall 
December 1998 

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         Please, do this now . . .  or you'll just let this one pass too. . .
and, civilization won't have the benefit of your wisdom.

    Anticipating your positive response, I say now and across the generations, thanks.


Peter Lance Segall
New York, NY, 1999

Yes, I can write my response right now.

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©1998, Peter Lance Segall