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    As I further develop this web site one option you will have is the opportunity to choose pages to include in a hardcover book or for personalized, individualized inspirational reminders, birthdays, valentines, etc., to be Emailed to you periodically, or to friends you choose, etc.  This will be the first time that an individualized and personalized book can be manufactured to order.  This means that should you choose just pages that your family has posted... you will have those pages in the book. If you like pages that were submitted by athletes, or those submitted by octogenarians, or only those submitted by people of a certain nationality, or from a certain country, etc., then just those pages will be in the hardcover book.  These books will be made to order one book at a time. The paper will be acid-free, the cover of high quality and it will last for generations. A beautiful book to own, a beautiful book to give as a gift.  If you like this idea or just want to discuss this with me you can Email me at
  January, 1999 
  Peter Lance Segall 

Table of Contents