This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
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Plant in the Spring and 
Harvest in the Fall
John Grom
January 10, 2001
Eat right, get plenty of exercise. Don't do 
anything you would not like to see described on the front page of your local newspaper or have to explain to your mother.

Always respect others. Give more than you get.  Put your things away when you’re done with them.

Plant in the Spring and harvest in the Fall because it won't work the other way at all. 

Dance when you feel like dancing, laugh when you think something is funny and cry when you have to.

Sing in church, sing in the shower and most important sing in the car when you are alone. No matter how bad you are it will make you feel great.

Expect pain and expect joy and allow yourself to grow from both experiences. Challenge your mind and body on a regular basis. 

Love your neighbor. 
Always know that there is a higher power that  deserves your respect and attention.

Use the "L" word often and make sure that your family and friends know that they can depend on our love. 

Forgive the bad things, cherish the good things and rotate your tires every 2500 miles. 

Pay your taxes whether you like it or not. 
You live in the greatest country in the world and even if  you have to work five months a year for the government there is no better alternative.

When you have children make sure that everything in your life is subordinate to raising them well.

Check your antifreeze in the fall; clean your gutters on a regular basis. 

Make sure you have a doctor that has time to see you when you're sick. 

Pick a career that excites you and don't hesitate to change careers when you have outgrown the old one. (This will probably happen to you three  times in your life.)

Find something outside of yourself that is worthy of your very best effort. 

When you have a problem know that you have only three sensible options; 1, Fix it. 2, Learn to live with it. 3, Walk  away from it. 
There is no healthy fourth option. 
If you find one pass it on. 

Don't give in to stress or cause it in others if you can avoid it. 

Be faithful to your values and make it a daily goal to be a blessing to someone. 

Lastly, I would like to apologize for the national debt, it was caused by our greed, fear and ignorance. 

I hope you can avoid passing it on to your children.

Love Grampa

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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
Yes? Click here
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