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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
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January 20, 2001
By: Tom Heuerman, Ph.D
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Tom Heuerman


Nate, Jack, and Blake Barnett of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Stephon Sharpe of Louisville, Kentucky.

You young men are the next generation. You grow up at a critical time in the history of humankind. 

You are the recipients of all the good things previous generations have accomplished and now provide for you: a long life span, technology that staggers the mind, health care unprecedented in human history, and opportunities to learn, grow, and journey—within and without—never afforded previous generations. You have much to be grateful for and much to thank previous generations for.

Previous generations also leave you the greatest responsibility any generation has assumed. You have the job of saving the planet for future generations. The unintended consequences of the successes of previous generations are devastating to all of nature—including the people of our world.

We leave you with the population explosion, the greenhouse effect, and the extinction of species of animals and plants at a rate 1,000 times faster than at any time in the past 65 million years. We live a philosophy of life that pollutes the air and the water, destroys the rain forest at the rate of 1 1/2 acres a second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and floats waste filled barges in the ocean seeking a home. The destruction of forests endangers almost half of the 235 species of primates. Gone !Another 20 percent approach threatened status. Our way of life produces spreading deserts, drying seas, and topsoil loss. Our beliefs alienate human beings from themselves, from each other, and from nature and have fostered Gone!  addictions to substances and processes. Our mechanical beliefs destroyed and homogenized thousands of diverse cultures. Our thinking threatens the sustainability of the planet that you will save.

I believe in you and your generation. Your work requires a consciousness and unselfishness unprecedented in human history for you must place the good of all of life before your personal gratification with full awareness of yourselves, the world around you, and your awesome responsibility. 

To fulfill your responsibility you must have a clear sense of purpose, strong values, and an inspiring vision for the future you want to create and the legacy you want to leave the generations that come after you.

I encourage you to live courageous lives of deep authenticity. I hope you will love all of life and will set aside materialism and addiction for lives of the spirit. 

Always know that you are loved and that future generation will be grateful to you and will honor you for your efforts.

I love you, 

Grandpa Tom




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Gone ! ! !

The Associated Press
N E W  Y O R K, Sept. 12 — Scientists have pronounced a type of large West African monkey extinct, making it the first primate to vanish in the 20th century. 

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Race to Save the Planet
Meryl Streep - Race to Save the Planet
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One of the 25 most endangered primates, a golden lion tamarin perches on a tree in Brazil. Of the 608 species of primates, about 20 percent are endangered, but scientists say it is not too late to save them. (Art Today)

Sept. 15 — This week a red monkey from the forests of West Africa was officially declared extinct — wiped off the planet as the first documented primate extinction since the 1700s.



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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
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