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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
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Midi: Forever Young
Thoughts to Leave Behind
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis, January 20001

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Thoughts to Leave Behind

I was at the registration desk,
Saint Peter laid down his pen,
We had filled out all the forms,
And I was ready to go in.

"Now," he said, "I've one more question,
That I ask each enrollee,
It has no effect on your admittance,
It's a mere formality."

Okay, I said, since I am dead,
What difference will it make?
"None for you, my friend," he said,
"But it might relieve another's ache."

"I'd like to know," Saint Peter asked,
"If you could do it all again,
Would you change ... or do the same,
Or what would you recommend?"

So, then I had to stop and think,
It gave me cause to ponder,
I had to get my thoughts together,
And I did begin to wonder.

Sure, I have regrets and doubts,
Have I done too much or not enough?
What have I gained through all these years, A bunch of good or useless stuff?

Early on, I wish I'd figured out,
About life's most important things,
Like dogs and cats and bicycles,
And books and front porch swings.

I think about the joy of nature,
How I became aware so late,
Oh, if I could go back again,
I'd go skinny-dipping in a lake .

I'd shinny up a lot more trees,
And I'd sleep out at night,
I'd study sculptures in the clouds,
And soak up God's sunlight. 

I regret teasing my poor sister,
Most unmercifully,
I still see her tear-stained face,
And it still does bother me.

Saint Peter, smiling, stopped me,
He said, "Be kinder to yourself,
I understand you have regrets,
But what can you say that helps?"

I guess he wanted positive things,
And sheepishly I grinned,
Shoot, not all my words are negative,
And I bare-facedly jumped in.

I say that Moderation's wise,
In all we do or say,
Except in our love for God and man,
Then, let Passion have full sway.

And I can say that now I know,
Love is man's greatest asset,
He can't buy it; he can't sell it,
But the more he gives, the more he has it.

And I also know that the three R's
Are men's most important tools,
Not just 'Reading, Riting and Rithmetic,'
That he must learn in school.

But Regard, Respect, and Reverence,
For God and Fellow-men
And for oneself and family, too,
Then add Righteousness therein.

"Holy Cow!" Saint Peter cried,
"You've got this all down pat,
Is this how you got to heaven,
Because you knew how you should act?"

No, I said, and shook my head,
I'm up here by God's grace,
These are some words I wish I'd heard,
When I first got in the race.

And if they can help another man,
Have a happier, better way,
Then that's the message this old soul,
Would most like to convey.

Again, Saint Peter smiled at me,
Then got up from his chair,
He pointed to an open door,
"Now go - God's waiting for you there."

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Dogs and cats and bicycles

And books and front porch swings

I'd go skinny-dipping in a lake

I'd study sculptures in the clouds

'Reading, Riting and Rithmetic'

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This is society's quintessential question. Can you answer,
"What Would You Tell the Next Generation?"
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