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The Plan of Distribution and Propagation
How The Grandfather Chronicles will propagate:
The Grandfather Chronicles is a compilation of responses to the question, "What would you tell the next generation?"  There will never be enough responses, for, as the decades and centuries go by, new knowledge and new ways of living together will manifest.  The unfolding of new experiences and knowledge will ever provide new answers to that quintessential question. 
We will develop a method which individuals now and through the years can use [to make money] as they coauthor in this very fascinating societal project.  The profit incentive provides the horsepower and a way to replicate the accumulation process throughout the years.
A release is provided by each writer of an essay submitted to the Author, Peter Lance Segall, which will be placed in a trust.  Any person wishing to become a coauthor on this project need only apply for - coauthor status.  This means any and all essays obtained through coauthor's efforts will be licensed back to coauthor by Author.  Author and coauthor share on a share-and- share-a-like royalty basis pro rata considering all essays in any publication whenever and if ever such essay is used. 
All essays will be published to the world wide web with links to similar responses and to family and friend contributions as a public service.  Royalties and profits are derived from consumers who may choose from the enormous database those pages that they would like in a commercial product in such forms as hard cover books, monthly reminders, calendars, magazines, etc.
The persons and families of persons providing essays compiled by coauthors become  potential customers of Author and coauthors for commercial purposes.   Thus, coauthors earn from the fact that most persons contributing essays become consumers of products with their essays an integral part of the product. Coauthors also earn when popular essays they compiled/coauthored are commercially published.
Royalties will be shared pro rata considering all essays in a publication for any essay used by Author which originated with coauthor. The Author will share all marketing methods used with coauthors.
To apply to be a coauthor tell me about yourself in an Email to Author
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