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TCC    The Children's Chronicles

Essays From Our Teenagers

TT    The Teenagers

1. Spiritual Nourishment  by: Jennifer McC 16. The Things We Remember by: Cathie
2.  Smiling by: Al & Eva C 17.  Yesterday is a Memory 
This received July 7, 1998 from Brenda
3.  Stay Young Forever by: Carole Hall 18. Never Forget Family Values         by: Kandi
4. Strive Always for Awareness 
    by: Sandy Irizarry
19. We Make Mistakes to Learn      by: Jullie
5. What my Grandmother Told Me 
     by: Joanne Ranucci
20. Inner Peace and Harmony 
      by: Fran Capo 
6. We Become What We Think About 
    by: Larry Ranucci
21. Always Remember God 
      by: Maria Heal Petersen
7. Each Person has Lived an Adventure
     by: Stephanie Toso
22. The Last Generation             by: Heiko
8. Hey Kids Pay Attention 
     by: Dennis J. Webb
23. Forget Everything                   (unknown)
9. Learn 
    by: Brian Tomaine, 1997
24. To Learn
      by: Charles Albano
10. Time Keeps on Slippin  by: Jimmy Stagno 25. Over Come the Enemy
      by: Marilú González 
11. Do the Things You Know You Should 
      by: Russell Hellin 
26. Learn how to Think
      by: Patric Pernett 
12. The Older Generation 
     by: Bill Tangney 
27. Foundations for a Rewarding Life 
      by: Linda Wayne
13. Never Forget to Remember 
     As told to Richie Alexander, by his Father 
28. What's on the Inside    by: Sandra
14. Hello From Australia 
29. Say it Out Loud    (unknown)
15. Defeat Failure and Defeat 
      by: Jessica
30. Just be Yourself    by: Heidi 
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31 Do What You Feel is Right  46 The Most Important Job
32 The Most Productive Thing 47 Maturity 
33 Watch Your Thoughts 48 Charity in the Form of Love
34 Attitude 49"Mida Juku ei opi, seda Juhan ei ea."
35 A Sense of Humor  50 Loneliness
36 The Golden Rule 51 Don't Be Rude 
37 Take Care of Your World 52 Use Your Manners 
38 Spiritual Diminsion of Who We Are 53 Be Good to Your Parents 
39 Be Disciplinarians to Ourselves 54 Nothing is More Important
40 An Act of Selflessness 55 Be Happy
Kendal Metz, NY, NY 1998
41 The Maker of All Generations 56 Dear Gems 
42 Who You Are is an O.K. Thing 57 The Now of Life
43 Do Not Waste Your Talents 58 Every Day You Accomplish Something
44 Integrity - Compassion 59 Respect 
45 Creative Listening  60 Bookworks
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61   Stay Good 76   Everybody Knows
62   Be Kind to Your Pet 77   Nothing Is What You Think It Is
63   Live life to the fullest 78  What Will You Learn From Past Generations
64   Believe in God 79  Your Last Day 
Al Lingal
65   Sow Good Moral Principles 80  The Final Analysis 
Author Unknown
66   Politeness, Amazing and Gratifying 81 The Sculptors Attitude 
Author Unknown
67   Happiness vs. Pleasure 82   Focus On The Lesson - 
Fran Stefaniak,1999
68   You Need to be Good 83  The World Has Changed - 
Chris Vierig, 1999
69   Be Nice 84   Attitude is Everything - 
Jeff Keller, 1999
70   Warm Each Other's Spirits 85  Is this the first Generation not More
......Successful than the previous?
......By:Robert Wakefield, 1999
71   It's Difficult for one Person Standing Alone 86 Intergrity - 
Don Crowshaw 2000
72   Hard Time 87 At Any Age 
73 The Four Keys to Life 88 Chess Monster 2000
74   Between Stimulus and Response 89 You're a Winner 
Daniel “Rudy “ Ruettiger, 2000
75   Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! 90  Never Give Up 2000
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Learn To Do The Basic Things
By: Vickie Finlay, May, 2000
My 10 Tips to the Young Generation
By: Kurt Singer, age 89, 2000
Enjoy your children EVERY DAY!
By: Robbin Schroeder, 2000
Have The Courage to be Yoruself
By: Michael Chaffin; N.C., 2000
Advice from Dali Lama, 2000
The SECOND Ten Commandments
Legacy of the Heart 
By: Wayne Muller
Parents Are Unfair
By: Kim, 2000
Our Friendship Will Ever be
Written by, Sharon L Kozlowski, 1993
Listen to the Elderly
Tidewater Wes, October, 2000
Foundation for the Next Generation
11/2000 (Yilong, Jin) 
The Return Path
John Liu, 11/2000
History & Our Recent Presentital Election
Jesse Irizarry, Age 8, March, 2000
105 Blessed
Author Unknown
In Search of God 4/21/01
By: Avelino Faria
107 He Who Dies with the Most Joys Wins
By: Gos Von DamHackerZ, 12/2000
Roots and Wings, 
Mark Young - Dec, 2000
109 Let him who has ears. 
Author Unknown, Dec 2000
110 Seven Simple Ideas for Living
By: Cindy Szponder - January, 2001
111 Belief
Ron Rink Dec, 2000
112 From:
113 Have a Good Day
By Peter Lance Segall, Jan, 2001
114 Nothing Good Comes Easy 
John L. Mariotti January 2, 2001
115 TenTips That Help Me
George A. Plotner; January 5, 2001 
116 Plant in the Spring; Harvest in the Fall
John Grom, Jan 10, 2001
117 Live Courageous Lives Of Deep Authenticity
By: Tom Heuerman, Ph.D. January 20, 2001
118 Thoughts to Leave Behind 
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis, January 2001
119 God is Good - Good is God 
By: Diane Charmaine - Feb 2001
120 Learn to Say Goodbye
Mary J. Reed, 1851
121 Love 
Audrey Leck - Febuary 2001- Singapore
122 Seven Simple Ideas for Living
Cindy Szponder,  Febuary 2001
123 More than One Way to Change a Diaper
Ziona Burkett, February, 2001
124 The First Line of Defense
By Michael Levy, March, 2001
125 Work and Wait
Cynthia Martin, March 7, 2001
126 We Made Things so Hard by "Cochise"
127 5/16/01 JoeCassavaugh
Saying Hello
128 The Leaves Are Falling 
Feb 2001 - Long
129 Happiness is in your hands
Johnathon Croft Oct 2001
130 Thirty Years of Learning
By: Mary (Jaeger) Campbell-Shaw -  2002
131 We Used it up in WAR
Greg Barnes
Read and Learn
By Sid Stevens 2011

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